Bohemian glass: different colors, features


Vases, dishes, slides, candy bowls, lemongrass, ashtrays, trays, wine glasses, napkin holders, coffee and tea sets, plates, bread bins — this is still an incomplete list of Czech tableware items produced by Czech craftsmen. It should be noted that bohemian glass in eshop aleks-crystal.
Which brand should you choose?
Caezar Crystal Bohemia. This production has been successfully operating since 1861. Here, each piece is sanded by hand. And all products contain the prescribed 24% lead.
Gold Crystal. The company has been on the market for over 14 years. It has two factories: in Česká Lipa and in Jihlava. Gold Crystal is renowned for its decorative handcrafted finishing of a wide range of Bohemian crystal and glass products. These products are intended for interior decoration and everyday use.
Jihlava. Jihlava offers customers a rich assortment of products, the quality of which has been confirmed by many years of experience. Glasses, vases, decanters, candlesticks and much more are made here.
RONA. Recently, the company has taken a leading position in the manufacture of crystal products. The products stand out for their sophisticated design and impeccable finish.
Riva Glass. The production is famous for its high-quality and unique vases, sets of glasses, glasses, wine glasses and other exclusive products.
Care of products
Crystal does not like dishwashers and hot water. Hot water will quickly tarnish the dishes.
Crystal should not be used for hot meals and drinks. At elevated temperatures, there is a risk of lead from dishes entering the food, which will lead to tarnishing of the glass and possible intoxication of the body.
It is advisable not to leave alcoholic beverages in glasses for a long time, since the crystal can become irreversibly tarnished.
Finding something exclusive in these shops is almost impossible, they mostly resemble souvenir shops. The shops are aimed at tourists with an average income. Still, the assortment in such stores is quite decent and they provide good discounts. In this store, you can bargain with the seller or negotiate a discount by purchasing a considerable amount of goods for a large amount.


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